My name is Genevieve and this blog is for me.

 I write what is on my mind and attempt to make it beautiful.  All my life, I have been filled with a quiet reverence for the written word.  The time has come  for me to begin to share my words with others.

I recently came across an inspiring article that encouraged me to look back to myself as a child in my search for answers as to what direction my life should take.  It asked me to think of what I loved to do as a child and follow that youthful, creative passion in my adult life.  With this blog, I am attempting to rekindle my childhood obsession with putting pen to paper, and giving myself permission to take chances and play a little.

The title of this blog comes from possibly one of my earliest poems, one found in a drawer of mementos, written on a flimsy piece of paper torn from a tiny notebook, with the exact spacing and spelling seen below:

It woud not
matter if you
rout LOVE all
over your sellfe
becuse It has
all redy ben
rittin on you.
It will all wase
be riten on you.
and to me too
and all of you will
say LOVE becuse
you are part of


One response to “About

  1. Love this little poem!! So sweet! 🙂

    I think it’s great, that you are going after the passions you had as a kiddo!!

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