May Day

I have successfully completed my second Whole30 and I’m proud of myself! Of course, I’m still very much so fumbling through the exploration of what foods are best for making my body feel most healthful and alive. But I have given myself a huge gift by participating in this discovery.

And now for the reintroduction! Today boyfriend and I were up early like Christmas morning and on our way to indulge in craft pastries at Cafe Besalu. Yummy, but surprisingly not as satisfying as I’d imagined they’d be. Perhaps I don’t love gluten as much as I think… And we’ll see how much stomach feels about it over the next couple of days. We’re doing gluten overload today, then back to the Wholes30 diet tomorrow, paying attention to our stomachs, moods, energy levels, etc. The problem I’m already encountering is that along with the gluten consumption comes much larger amounts of sugar than we’ve had in a month. I’m a little jittery already this morning.

We took a nice walk at Golden Gardens yesterday afternoon and the tide was out. The clams were teasing me – my ankles got drenched with their warning sprays and I was bouncing over the rocks trying to avoid them! We found 12 golf balls out in the tidal flats- it was like an easter egg hunt.

mysterious clouds

mysterious clouds

Delicious food again this week, but I was certainly starting to get tired of cooking so much. Meals were rating higher on the laziness scale…

new fav breakfast: sweet potato hash

new favorite breakfast: sweet potato hash

spagghetti squash pasta - so buttery!

spaghetti squash pasta – so buttery!

pork sausage patties

pork sausage patties

meat cookies with zesty avocado sauce

meat cookies with zesty avocado sauce

I played with the food processor one morning when it was realistically too early for me to be thinking clearly… What came out was something boyfriend has dubbed “meat cookies”. Every time he saw them in the fridge, he got excited thinking they were cookies, and then disappointed remembering they weren’t. They had a ton of veggies in them and were pretty tasty, but the texture was a little off. Like really soft meatloaf patties. But the lemony avocado sauce I made added some kick and excitement. Also pictured is kimchi, which I’ve been eating with nearly every breakfast. The daily addition of raw probiotic foods has felt right.

Speaking of probiotics, I’ve also embarked on the experiment of brewing my own kombucha! It’s in the cupboard hiding from sunlight so I couldn’t get a great pic. I really hope it works – I’ve been obsessing over the stuff and it’s ridiculously expensive to buy at whole paycheck.

We made dessert…. I know, not technically Whole30 appropriate, but the ingredients were legit:

whipped coconut milk parfait

whipped coconut milk parfait

Coconut milk whips up to perfect consistency in the blender when you separate it from the liquid (easily done by leaving the can in the fridge overnight). It’s so creamy and rich you only need to eat a little to feel satisfied. I can’t wait to play with adding more flavorings to this. All we did for our treat was add a little vanilla and layer it with strawberries and sliced almonds. I didn’t miss the powdered sugar at all.

It’s gorgeous, sunny outside and I want to move! I’m going to do a quick kettlebell circuit and then soak up some rays as I walk to yoga power hour 🙂

Here’s my 6 minute kettlebell workout:  6 x 30/30 (30 seconds of back-to-back work – no rest interval)

Snatch (R) – Snatch (L) – Plank hold – Single Arm Swing (R) – Single Arm Swing (L) – Plank hold      ~ repeat 2x


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