Sweet potato satisfaction

Over the past few days, I’ve been feeling super hungry all the time and unsatisfied at the end of my meals…until yesterday 🙂

Because yesterday I dialed in on something important I’d been leaving out: sweet potatoes! They really made a difference in boyfriend and my energy level, fullness-feeling, and digestion. Yay! I baked sweet potato rounds with cinnamon and with curry for quick to-go bites. I also made a delicious sweet potato shepard’s pie, quick & simple lemon basil salmon cakes, a huge cabbage chop salad, AND a successful ground beef, leek, mushroom and spinach frittata. I get too excited about eating to remember to take pictures 🙂 The boyfriend got on board with the cooking extravaganza to use his grilling expertise on pork sausages, asparagus, and zucchini spears. So things are looking up! We’ve slammed through our 24-pack of eggs in just over a week’s time :0 It’s looking like by tomorrow we’ll be ready for another Costco trip.



Ground beef, leek, mushroom, spinach frittata

Ground beef, leek, mushroom, spinach frittata

Despite waking up every morning with back aches, I’ve done a great job on my self care (stretching and foam rolling) and had a fun/challenging couple days of workouts. Kettlebell class yesterday was a grip-killer, between high rep swings, heavy static start swings, stall bar squats, and pull up bar hangs. I know I need to build my grip strength and endurance but it’s frustrating to have to bell down so much from my usual just because my hands can’t hold on to anything heavier!

I’m learning that if I do the laying psoas stretch before my workout, it makes a HUGE difference on the state of my back as I get into more taxing work. Must do this every time!

Here’s my at-home workout from Monday:

A.Primal move warm-up and psoas stretch

B. 15/45 sec intervals for 15 rounds

Roundabout Swing (16kg)

Single Leg Deadlift- R (16kg)

Single Leg Deadlift-L (16kg)

Alternating Bent-Over Row (16kg)

Plank Climber

C. 10 Forward/backward crawl followed by 30 sec RKC plank        x3 rounds (killer combo!)

D. 7 min Snatch & Turkish Get Up sequence w/ 12kg: 1 snatch R to overhead, get down to floor & up, swing switch, 1 snatch L…etc.

E. Dance around & eat sweet potato!


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