Alright April, it’s ON!

ummm yeah.

ummm yeah.

Despite the fact that I was overall disappointed with my results on the Whole30 last spring, I’ve been inspired to give it another go. And this time, cheezy-pasta-lovin’ boyfriend is coming along for the ride. This should be interesting. He says he’s doing it because he wants to, but I worry it’ll cause him to break up with me by day 13. I’ve got to cook like our love depends on it!

The Whole30 is a thirty day nutritional reset, in which you remove all potentially inflammatory foods from your body in order to give it space to heal and repattern your unhealthy eating habits. Last time I tried it, I was successful in that I completed the month without any major slip-ups – which is certainly something to be proud of! However, I let myself snack on waaaay too many nuts, which I believe ruined my opportunity for a real dietary overhaul. Instead of eating sugar after every meal, I ate almond butter. This time around, I’m going to be better 🙂

It’s good to get really clear with myself about my intentions when taking on a challenge such as this, so here goes…

Why I’m doing the Whole30 – April 2013:

1. I want to wake up feeling like a rockstar every single day.

2. I want to kick the habit of eating dessert every afternoon and evening; loose the sugar addiction.

3. I want to feel like I have more control over my eating habits.

4. I want to loose the 5-10lbs I’ve gained over the past 6months.

5. I want to regulate my wacko cortisol levels so I can be more sane, happy, and energized.

As for the cheesy-pasta-lovin’ boyfriend, I hope he’ll get some good results as well…and possibly develop some healthier eating habits that will support both of us after the 30 days are over. And I really, really hope it’ll help him learn to cook!!!

One of the biggest benefits from my last Whole30 was that I learned a TON about cooking and especially got much more comfortable with cooking meat. As you can see from the picture above, I’m already trying some new things…and having some major failures. My current obsession is trying to figure out a way I can stomach eggs. I hate the taste, the texture, and the smell, but they’re just so darn good for me and so darn cheap…it seems stupid to go without them. So I Googled “how to mask the flavor of eggs” and one of the best Whole30 approved options was frittata. Last weekend, I ate some of boyfriend’s frittata at brunch and was ecstatic to find that I enjoyed it. Mind you, that one contained bacon, and cheese, and most likely gluten. Nom Nom Paleo has an awesome-looking frittata recipe which inspired this morning’s creation. One issue: apparently, when she says she cooked hers on “broil” in the toaster oven, it doesn’t translate to “use a standard oven broiler”. Hence, my fantastic creation: Severely Burnt Asparagus Curry Frittata.

after removing the burnt stuff

after removing the burnt stuff

On the bright side, once I picked off the black topping it was spicy enough that I could stomach a slice! Yay, semi-victory!


The other thing that’s going on with me is that I woke up yesterday with a major crick in my neck – that still hasn’t gone away. It’s better than it was yesterday but I still feel like there’s a giant hand gripping the back of my neck and keeping me from angling my head. The stiffness radiates from the top of my cervical all the way down into the middle of my thoracic spine. I feel like a robot, or someone in a neck brace, or something. What a lovely present for my days off! All I want to do is sweat and swing some kettlebells around… but no, instead I’m going to lie on the floor on my back and apply tubs of tiger balm – SO frustrating!!

I know I’m supposed to take this time to reflect on my situation and read into what life is trying to tell me, be present with the feeling of tension, do some deep breathing, etc… Well, I have become blatantly aware of one thing: I HOLD STRESS IN MY NECK AND TRAPS! Okay universe, I got it. Can we move on now?

I’m planning to make some soup later on…hoping for a win. I’ll post pictures of that masterpiece when we get there.


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