something new and wonderous in every moment

I heard a Bob Dylan quote yesterday that provided a great deal of inspiration:

He who is not busy being born is busy dying.

This made me think a lot about how I live my life and what I can do differently. Life is not about going from obligation to obligation, not about doing what I think I should do, not about mindlessness or stagnation. It is about finding ways to reinvent myself in every moment. It’s about remembering that nothing stays the same, so there’s no point in thinking that it will and no point in allowing myself to feel stuck. And if every moment in my life is a new one, how could I feel like I have no momentum and nowhere/thing to move towards. I am constantly moving towards newness! What I need to do is slow my mind down so that instead of constantly thinking one to twenty steps ahead of myself and feeling stress or disappointment, I focus on each individual moment directly before me. This is the lesson of Mindfulness: All we have is the present moment. I need to return to those teachings.

I sat down and wrote out some instructions for myself:

Focus on things that make you happy.

Thing by thing.

Think, “What will make me smile?”

Do that.

Feel the positive potential around you.

Know what’s good. Be grateful.


Stop worrying and start doing.

I will be attempting to follow my own advice.

Today, I slept in, worked on a crossword puzzle, wrote in my journal with brightly colored markers, told a friend that I love her, and thought about my family.

What will I do next?!


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