Doing What You Love

Rita Wilson on Doing What you Love | THESE HERE HILLS.
This post provided a boost of inspiration for me to start this blog, so I think it’s fitting to share it.  What I liked most was this idea of tuning in to what you loved in your youth, when you were most free and creative, in looking for what career path would fulfill you the most.  How simple, yet so fitting!  After reading, I sat down and tried to write a list of what I absolutely love to do the most.  After I finished, I had the feeling that the answer to what I should be pursuing professionally was right in front of me, I could almost reach it except I couldn’t step back far enough to see the big picture, to connect the dots.  I SO wanted to have an outside observer look at it.  Perhaps someone else, maybe even someone who has never met me, could see what I’m not seeing.  Also, if anyone out there would like to do this exercise as well and send their list to me, I’d be more than happy to give an outsider’s opinion on what strikes me.

My Loves:

  • feeling connected to a person/people
  • learning about people and their lives – listening, watching, giving my attention
  • writing: words, images, stories, even the feel of forming words and putting pen to paper.
  • taking care of people; feeling responsible for and committed to their happiness/wellbeing; feeling needed; to have control of or responsibility for a situation, outcome, person, experience
  • to be in charge: not in the power way but in the way that i am considered capable and trustworthy and rising to challenge; doing something independently
  • researching: delving into information and digging around, searching, following whatever information leads me. then, developing an opinion about what i’ve learned and organizing the information
  • organizing, recording, categorizing, sense-making
  • moving, stretching, pushing, focusing, and being still in my body, feeling grounded and centered in the physical

Now I’m going to go allow my inner child out for a while and play in my sunny front yard!


4 responses to “Doing What You Love

  1. Thanks for telling us some of the things you love, Genevieve. How does a blog work? Do only you see replies like this, or they a permanent part of your blog?

  2. Genevieve, I notice in your list that you like helping people and sharing and learning and organizing and writing. That sounds like something a teacher would say. Has it occurred to you that teaching is your natural calling? Question: is the work you do at the Ballard Health Club sufficiently satisfying to your teacher-self that you want to stay doing what you do there, or do you need to be someplace else? But don’t think of leaving yet! I look forward to our sessions together and have more to learn from you.

    • Thanks for asking the big questions Pete! As you have said, being a natural teacher makes one a natural learner. I think I’m still in the learning stage. It seems to me that I need to become more experienced before I can take on the teacher role more fully. And perhaps my path will turn in a new direction- maybe soon, maybe in a number of years. But for now I am fulfilled and happy with the career I’ve chosen, and though I don’t believe anything is permanent, I know that what I’m doing now feels more right than anything I’ve attempted thus far! I came across a quote from Howard Thurman that I’ve been reflecting on: “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

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